Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I support the JTO?

Because you’ll be helping families, children, and our Jewish day schools all at the same time – and it won’t cost you a dime! More than 90% of JTO funds go to need-based, Jewish day school scholarships.

How can I support the JTO?

Contribute your Arizona State Tax liability and take a dollar for dollar tax credit for your contribution, up to $1,089 for an individual and $2,177 for couples filing joint returns in 2017.

When can I take the credit for 2017?

Up until April 17, 2018 or when you file your taxes, whichever comes first.

How much should I give?

There is no minimum amount. You can receive a tax credit for your entire tax liability, up to $1,089 for individuals or $2,177 for couples filing joint returns. Corporations can give more and receive a larger tax credit. Call our office for details.

Who can take the credit?

All Arizona tax payers!

What if I don’t have Arizona state tax liability?

You can still make a contribution. The JTO is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

Will I receive a receipt?

YES. You will be mailed a tax credit receipt and the Arizona tax forms.

Can my business support the JTO?

YES! All C Corporations and S Corporations can take the credit if they do not pass their liability through to their shareholders or partners. You can also set up matching grants and JTO payroll deductions. Call 480-634-4926 for details.

Can I take other tax credits?

YES! You can take a Charitable (formerly the Working Poor Tax Credit) for EVJCC, JFCS, JFL, Gesher Disability Resources (formerly CJSN) and Kivel, a Public School Tax Credit, Foster Care Tax Credit and a Veterans Tax Credit. Visit for more information on tax credits.

Who gets JTO scholarships?

Students at any of six participating Jewish day schools in Greater Phoenix may receive JTO scholarships. All JTO scholarships are need-based, and family income is verified by a third-party vendor.